We felled this oak tree which had been dead for the past 18 years. The customer wanted to use the wood since it was in great condition and it would be a waste to remove it just for the use of firewood. So due to the location of the tree which was on a slope, the only method was alaskan milling.

Each plank was milled into specific depths for the customer, mostly at 2 inches, for their carpenter to make them into tables and chairs!

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How it works?

The ladder acts as a guide for the first cut. The plane of the ladder is aligned with the pith of the tree to get the straightest possible grain. The first cut will create a flat surface on the tree that the mill will run on for subsequent cuts. This is the basic process, each cut rides on the next. The chainsaws are equipped with a special rip blade, which mills down the length of the tree, freeing each slab. Each cut takes around 20 minutes. It's not easy - this tree took all day!

Removing trees so often means waste, however, the end results for this customer were beautiful planks which could be used!

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